Windmill owners have expressed concern over the drop in wind energy evacuation in the State during the last two days.

President of the Indian Wind Power Association K. Kasthurirangaian told The Hindu on Tuesday that wind energy consumption in the State was just 23 million units on Tuesday, as against 37 million units on Sunday and 48 million units on August 9.

Wind mills were put out of the grid for six to 12 hours a day during the last two days and in some places the entire wind energy sub-station was shut off.

While wind energy generation used to be even 2,000 MW two weeks ago, it had come down to less than 1,000 MW now though it was the windy season in the State.

Winds would continue in the State till the first or second week of October. The government should look at reducing power cut for High Tension (HT) industries for about 45 days so that demand for energy from industries increases and wind energy evacuation would go up. This would benefit the industries and the wind mill owners, he said.

An official of the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation here said that evacuation had come down because of lack of demand.

With rains in the Southern districts, agricultural demand had come down. Energy consumption also had reduced. This was likely to continue for some more days, the official said.