“Guru Nirmal Baba has no degree to practise medicine”

Self-proclaimed spiritual guru Nirmal Baba claims to have a cure for every ailment including asthma, diabetes, tuberculosis, hypertension and even cancer, the only catch being that he has no degree to practise medicine and this has medical doctors up in arms against him across the country.

“The Indian Medical Association has been getting complaints from the public highlighting this malpractice. Doctors are demanding that the Association initiate action against the self-proclaimed miracle guru who is clearly misguiding the public and causing grievous harm to their health. Recently we got a complaint from a man who had diabetes and was asked by Baba to have ‘kheer' . His condition deteriorated rapidly forcing him to seek medical help from an allopathic doctor,'' said IMA's anti-quackery cell head Dr. Anil Bansal.

He said this “spiritual guru” has also been advertising extensively about his ability to cure patients.

“As per some reports, Nirmal Baba has been advertising in over 20 television channels across the country and is active on Facebook and Twitter. He also has followers across the country and holds ‘spiritual' meetings for which devotees have to pay to participate. The Baba holds small conferences, conducts pooja, etc., with the promise of offering miracle cure,'' said Dr. Bansal.

“Baba offers cure for every ailment and this is unethical. Doctors are concerned about the fact that Nirmal Baba is neither trained nor does he have any experience in treating people. This could actually harm people which is what the doctors are worried about,'' he added.

Doctors associated with the Indian Medical Association are now demanding immediate action against him.

“Quackery is a major problem in the country and despite various laws against it we have not been able to overcome this problem. There is urgent need for strong action. Spiritual gurus and miracle workers have somehow managed to stay and thrive in the country mainly because there is not enough information among the general public about the ill-effects of having blind faith in such people,'' said Delhi Medical Council secretary Dr. Girish Tyagi.

According to statistics with the IMA Anti-quackery Cell, the Capital has about 40,000 quacks practising in the city.

There are about 35,000 MBBS doctors registered with the Delhi Medical Council, about 7,000 Ayurvedic practitioners registered with Bharatiya Chikitsa Parishad, and about 2,000 homoeopaths registered with the Homoeopathy Board.