Sushanta Talukdar

Guwahati: Authorities in southern Assam’s troubled North Cachar Hills district have identified five places for setting up interim designated camps for accommodating cadres of militant Dima Halam Daogah(Jewel Garlosa faction), who are likely to surrender their arms by September 15.

These camps will have a total capacity of accommodating over 400 militants. However, the district authorities are still in the dark about the actual number of DHD (Jewel) cadres, who are likely to move into these camps after their formal depositing of arms and sit for peace parleys with the government.

The Central government warned the militant outfit of drastic counter-insurgency operations if it failed to surrender arms and move into designated camps by the September 15 deadline.

Initially about 150 cadres are likely to surrender their weapons before the stipulated deadline. Sources, however, said that some cadres of the outfit led by one of their leaders James Dimasa are not willing to follow suit. Preparation of the ground for the likely surrender of DHD (Jewel) began after the outfit submitted a list of weapons to the State government in August.

Unilateral ceasefire

Three days after the arrest of its chief Jewel Garlosa in Bangalore on June 3, the DHD (Jewel) declared a unilateral ceasefire with effect from June 7 for three months. However, violence continued in the hill district as militants continued armed attacks on Zeme Naga and Dimasa villages killing innocent villagers and setting ablaze their houses, granaries, marketplaces, school buildings. Authorities accused the DHD (Jewel) and militant groups from neighbouring Nagaland to be behind these attacks and counter attacks.