The Danish High Court has dismissed the Purulia arms drop case accused Kim Davy's plea that the CBI's arrest warrant could not be the basis for his extradition to India since it had expired.

The CBI said Davy's plea that the warrant was an old one had in “no way” affected the appeal proceedings in the Danish court, which continued its hearings till Thursday as decided earlier. The High Court is hearing Davy's extradition case.

“Thus, for all practical purposes, the warrant issued by the [Calcutta High Court] has been executed by the Danish police on the request of the CBI. At present, the status of Kim Davy is that of an accused person arrested and released on conditional bail by the court in Denmark,” CBI spokesperson Dharini Mishra said. Facing criticism for the goof-up in the extradition case after it was pointed out that the warrant issued by the Calcutta High Court was an old one, the CBI was able to convince the High Court with the help of local officials that as per Indian law a warrant issued by a competent court remains in force till it is executed or it is cancelled by the same court. — PTI