Emphasising the importance in politics of keeping one’s promises to the public, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Wednesday “credibility is the most important component of politics.”

 “I do whatever I say and if I am unable to do something then I do not make claims about it,” she asserted, referring to her government’s various achievements since it took over in May 2011.

 Ms. Banerjee was addressing a rally organised by the State government in Raiganj in the State’s Uttar Dinajpur district.

She pointed out that she does not “believe in the kind of politics where promises are made to the people during an election and after five years those who made the promises run away.”

 “I do not engage in unscrupulous politics and I do not need to engage in it,” Ms. Banerjee said.

 The Chief Minister came down on the Centre for deducting a large share of the State’s earnings each year as payment of interest on debts incurred by the previous Left Front governments. “Let the Centre stop these deductions,” Ms. Banerjee said.

As for the previous Left Front governments, they had “left the State in a state or total ruin,” she added.