The Communist Party of India has threatened to launch an intense agitation if the Congress leadership does not clear the air on separate Telangana State before August 15, coinciding with the Independence Day. CPI State secretary K. Narayana criticised the Congress for ‘playing with the sentiments’ of Telangana people by its dilly-dallying attitude. “The Congress will pay a heavy price if it continues to hoodwink the people on Telangana,” he said. Dr. Narayana was participating in a roundtable organised on Sunday by the Left parties which joined hands to mount pressure on the Centre to carve out separate State. Calling upon the people to take the Congress leaders to task, he said the ruling party leaders were trying to obstruct the formation of Telangana State expressing apprehensions like increase in naxal activity and the possible dispute on water sharing. “These are lame excuses put forth by the land and liquor mafia to protect their interests,” he said. The CPI leader dismissed the claim that development in the State had taken a backseat due to the ongoing agitation. “The irregularities committed by the scam-ridden government hit the development process, not the struggle for separate Telangana,” he asserted. He pooh-poohed the claims that States formed on linguistic basis could not be divided. “In that case, how can we explain the existence of so many Hindi speaking States?”

The irregularities committed by the scam-ridden government hit the development process in State, not the struggle for separate Telangana

K. Narayana

CPI State secretary