Special Correspondent

Bangalore: Any move to constitute a second States Reorganisation Commission to resolve the Telangana crisis will “open a Pandora’s box,” triggering further demands for splitting States, the Communist Party of India cautioned on Wednesday.

The Congress, which had left the Telangana issue hanging fire for years, made a “hasty midnight announcement in panic [that the process would be initiated for formation of a separate State].” It failed to take into confidence even its own allies, Mr. Bardhan told journalists after the three-day CPI national council meeting here.

While re-affirming the party’s support for formation of a Telangana State, he said mooting a commission was a “delaying tactic.” It would only drag the issue for two or more years, pushing all other burning issues to the background.

Mr. Bardhan criticised the Congress high command for failing to rein in the party leaders who were spearheading agitations for and against Telangana.

Formation of Telangana was “inevitable” but it should take place after consultations and persuasion.

Hitting out at the Centre’s inability to check prices, he said the government was coming up with lame excuses for its failure.