The Communist Party of India on Saturday urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to make public the whereabouts of the chairman of the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) of Manipur, R.K. Meghan.

Arrested near Dhaka

In a letter to Dr. Singh, CPI general secretary A.B. Bardhan said Mr. Meghan, alias Sanayaima, was arrested by a combined team of Indian intelligence agencies and its Bangladesh counterpart near Dhaka in September this year.

The arrest was broadcast by the media and later he was handed over to the Indian authorities and flown to Delhi, but since then his whereabouts have remained a mystery.

Gross rights violation

“I have learnt that R.K. Meghan's wife has already submitted a letter to you to let the family know the whereabouts of Mr. Meghan. Such a course of action in remaining silent without following the due process of law is in gross violation and [is a] transgression of the basic right to life and liberty as guaranteed by the Constitution of India and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” Mr. Bardhan said in his letter requesting Dr. Singh to personally look into the matter and reveal his whereabouts.