The Kerala High Court on Monday observed that the police should take action against setting up unauthorised autorickshaw and taxi stands on the margin of roads and should facilitate pedestrian traffic.

Justice V. Chitambaresh passed the order on a petition filed by K.K. Vinu of Kottayam. He complained that the authorities were not taking action against unauthorised autorickshaw stands.

The court observed that a minimum of 1.5 metres beyond the tarred margin of roads should be left for pedestrian traffic throughout the State. Rule 6 of the Kerala Panchayat Road (Landing places, halting places, cart stands and other vehicles stands) Rules 1995 had provided for setting apart such a space. The specification of 1.5 metres beyond the tarred margin should be maintained whether it was a panchayat area or urban area. “The unauthorised erection of sign boards as autorickshaw stand and taxi stand by the unions should not distract the police from plucking them out and facilitating pedestrian traffic,” the court observed.