Stating that the policy of liberalisation was a source of the high-level corruption among MPs and Ministers of the United Progressive Alliance government, Biman Bose, the chairman of the State Left Front Committee, emphasised here on Tuesday the need for an effective Lokpal Bill to check corruption, but warned that it will not necessarily end all corruption.

“Corruption does not fall from the skies. Neither does it sprout from the earth. It is a part of the prevailing social order,” Mr. Bose said at a rally organised here as a part of the nationwide campaign organised by nine political parties in protest against the spate of scams under the UPA dispensation and to press for an effective Lokpal Bill.

He pointed out that the high-level corruption was a result of neoliberal policies and said the Left parties had protested against both the Congress-led UPA and Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA governments on the issue.

He clarified that the Left parties were not opposed to the movement for a strong Lokpal Bill led by social activist Anna Hazare.

Mr. Bose said the process of legislation should take place only in Parliament and the State Legislatures, but certainly a movement, hunger-strikes or protest marches could be resorted to for pressuring the government to introduce a law.

“All these movements will meet in a common ocean and lead to the introduction of an effective Lokpal Bill,” he said.

“Let there be debate”

“We say, let the Lokpal Bill be introduced in Parliament without any further delay. Let there be a detailed discussion and debate in Parliament on it,” he said.