“TMC would have brought a breach of privilege motion”

On Thursday, Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien accused the United Progressive Alliance government of insulting Parliament by running advertisements in the electronic and the print media about the benefits of the Street Vendor’s Livelihood Regulation Bill, 2013, which has not yet been passed by the Rajya Sabha.

 “Such advertisements are an insult to Parliament as the bill is still under its active consideration,” Mr. O’Brien, a Rajya Sabha member, said, adding that the Congress was “taking away the right of the Parliament.”

 Launching such a campaign goes “against the basic tenets of the Constitution” as it violated clause 108 of the Constitution, which states that when a bill is introduced in the Parliament “it becomes the property of the House,” he said.

Calling it “unethical and immoral,” the Trinamool leader alleged that the “minority UPA government” had taken such a step out of “desperation” as it was losing political ground.

The publicity campaign was a “fit case” for bringing a ‘breach of privilege’ motion against the Congress, adding that Trinamool MPs would have definitely done so had the Parliament been in session.

He also came down heavily on the Congress for introducing the bill in the Upper House at 5.30 p.m. on September 7, despite repeatedly being told by other parties not to do so.

“The Congress did not introduce the bill earlier in the day as it desperately wanted to get the Rajiv Gandhi Aviation University Bill passed in the Rajya Sabha,” he said.

“The ordinance on the food security set a bad precedent as it was brought when Parliament was not in session. But the present campaign about the yet to be passed bill is an even greater sin,” Mr. O’Brien charged.

  • Parliament insulted by running advts in media: O’Brien

  • The campaign goes against the basic tenets of the constitution