T.S. Subramanian

CHENNAI: Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Anil Kakodkar on Saturday said "it is a good thing" that five killer amendments proposed during the U.S. Senate debate on the Indo-U.S. civilian nuclear cooperation agreement were defeated but "there are many problems to be solved."

"All our concerns have been clearly spelt out. We do hope that they will addressed at the conference stage... and we do expect that they will be properly addressed," he said.

Dr. Kakodkar, who is also the Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy, said over telephone from Mumbai, "the House [of Representatives] had cleared one step earlier. The Senate has taken one more step now. The important thing is we are ultimately looking forward to legislation which meets all our concerns."

At a conference of the Senate and the House of Representatives in December, a select group of members will harmonise the bills of the Senate and the House on the nuclear agreement into a single bill. That bill will go back to the two Chambers for approval and then it will be signed into law by President George W. Bush.

Answering a question on these concerns and whether India was hopeful that they would be addressed, Dr. Kakodkar said, "All concerns have been spelt out and we do expect that they will be properly addressed."