The State Election Commission of Wednesday heard complaints of electronic voting machines (EVMs) tampering from a delegation in Pune. The Commission will be writing to the Pune police to investigative into the whereabouts of an unknown person, who allegedly could tamper machines.

The delegation pointed out to Sate Election Commissioner Neela Satyanarayan of machines, recording the same number of votes to different parties in the dual-voting system. (Voters in the civic elections, except for Mumbai, have to vote twice — one for the ward and another for the prabhag comprising four wards.)

Ms. Satyanarayan said there was no way of explaining the similar figures for different candidates in both the sets of voting. She said allegations of involvement of officials of Electronics Corporation of India (ECIL), EVM vendors, in machine malfunction, would have to be proved in court. However, the SEC has “taken note” of the tampering complaints.