Ahmedabad: Allies of the United Progressive Alliance who fell out with the Congress had been punished by the electorate and the Congress benefited in the process, senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader L.K. Advani said on Sunday.

Referring to the Left parties’ debacle in the Lok Sabha elections, he said, “Communists became the scapegoat for Congress’ failures.”

Mr. Advani was here to attend a function organised by the State BJP to thank voters of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad for electing BJP candidates in the Lok Sabha polls.

“People have also voted out smaller parties which were aspiring to get power at the Centre with their limited strength,” he said in his first formal reaction to the poll results. “People have voted for bipolar polity having two main parties.”

“This is in fact an endorsement of the BJP’s stand that there should be two dominant parties at the national level,” he said. “Jan Sangh and BJP’s creation was meant to break the dominance of single dominant party in the polity of the country and the BJP has done this.”

Mr. Advani said the Congress emerged as the main party at the State as well as the national level after Independence.

“The BJP has ushered in a two-party system in the country, breaking the dominance of the single dominant party polity. I am happy that people have endorsed our view and chosen for a bipolar polity.

“We wished that people of the country had also punished Congress for its failure on various fronts, including economy, security and governance, but eventually people have voted for Congress and punished its allies,” he said.

On the black money issue, Mr. Advani said Congress leaders, including the Prime Minister himself, ridiculed him when he raised the issue. “Subsequently, even Manmohan Singh said that if voted to power, the Congress would bring back money stashed away in foreign banks.”

“They have made a lot of promises to the electorate. Now, as the Opposition, we will remind them of these promises and ask them to fulfil them,” Mr. Advani said. — PTI