Local bodies have won clearance for 1,97,105 projects worth Rs.9,920.58 crore for the current financial year, Panchayat Minister M.K. Muneer has said.

Dr. Muneer said in a release here on Thursday that this included projects worth Rs.1,141.89 crore in the productive sector, Rs.5,002.77 crore in the service sector and Rs.3,776.12 crore in the infrastructure development sector. Projects worth Rs.9,057.68 crore were submitted for approval in 2012-13. There was an increase of Rs.864 crore this year. Thiruvananthapuram Corporation submitted 598 projects for Rs.171.03 crore, Kollam 784 projects for Rs.113.12 crore, Kochi 1,123 projects for Rs.131.91 crore, Thrissur 597 projects for Rs.49.86 crore, and Kozhikode 1,351 projects for Rs.129.71 crore.