Chittivalasa Jute Mills, located at Tagarapuvalasa, 40 km from here, will reopen following an agreement signed with the employees' unions.

Under the agreement signed between the management and the unions under Section 18 (1) of Industrial Disputes Act, the workers will report to work once power supply is restored.


The management declared a lockout on April 20, 2009, to reduce shifts from three to two following problem in availability of power. The mill, one of the oldest and biggest in the State, has a production capacity of 100 tonnes a day with 2,200 permanent and 1,800 badli workers.

INTUC-affiliated CJM Workers' Union (recognised union) president K. Varahala Raju told The Hindu that the work would resume anytime following an agreement signed in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

DA arrears

According to him, the unions would not collect any amount from the candidates for recruitments.

DA would be revised twice a year as per the Consumer Price Index. DA arrears due to the workers from 1992, on an average Rs.76,920 would be paid to the workers who were on payrolls from that time.

In the event of death of any worker, along with the workers' contribution of Rs.5 per employee, the management would also pay a matching contribution.

Mr. Raju said for those who retired during the lockout period would get an opportunity to work in the mill.

  • Workers will report to work once power supply is restored
  • The mill has a production capacity of 100 tonnes a day