After almost losing hope of their only child’s survival, Pankaj and Pinky Tewari are now happy to see their daughter recover and ready to take her home. Twenty-one month-old Anushka from Bhopal underwent more than 70 bronchoscopies in one year, which the doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital claim has been the first case in the world where the procedure was performed so many times.

Anuskha was admitted to the hospital a year ago suffering from acute pneumonia. She had inadvertently ingested 15 ml of baby oil when she was 9 months old.

The oil went into Anushka’s lungs and besides pneumonia, it also led to respiratory problems, the doctors said.

“I went to various hospitals. They said that my daughter did not have much time and referred me to the Intensive Care Unit ward of Ganga Ram Hospital,” Pankaj said.

Explaining Anushka’s condition, Dr Anil Sachdeva said, “The body does not have mechanisms to clear oil particles. Thus, it was unable to maintain oxygen. We had to do more than 70 bronchoscopies to clear the oil from the lungs.”

This is the first case in the world where these many bronchoscopies have been performed, Dr Sachdeva said.

-- PTI

  • Anuskha had inadvertently ingested baby oil

  • Doctors had to perform more than 70 bronchoscopies