Thousands of farmers, workers, women, youth and students belonging to Kisan Sabha, Centre of Indian Trade Union, Mahila Janwadi Samiti, Democratic Youth Federation and Students’ Federation of India participated in the Communist Party of India (Marxist) rally at the Ice Skating Ground here on Tuesday.

The party cadre and inhabitants of Shimla were addressed by several Left leaders including the State party in-charge and Rajya Sabha MP A. Vijayaraghavan from Kerala.

While the local leaders spoke on State-based issues, Mr. Vijayaraghavan blamed the Congress and the BJP for confusing the people on the non-issue of who would be the next Prime Minister. “The Rahul Vs Modi debate has overshadowed the important issues of price rise, poverty and corruption. Showing no concern about peoples’ problems the incumbent government is offering new states, but can we eat Telangana,” he asked.

Accusing both the major parties as having the same political ideologies and economic policies, he said the need of the hour is to have alternative policies and not alternate parties for the nation. Smaller or regional parties are hesitating to join the UPA and the NDA, and they have only two to three allies left now, he said. However, more than 15 parties participated in the recently-held Third Front parties’ meeting last month in New Delhi, he added.