A differently abled woman passenger on a flight to Mumbai was on Sunday offloaded by SpiceJet after the crew alleged it was not safe to have her on board.

J. Ghosh (40) was not allowed by the crew of the Kolkata-Mumbai flight to fly alleging she was mentally ill and it was not safe to allow her inside the aircraft, sources at the N.S.C. Bose International Airport said.

After being denied permission to fly, Ms. Ghosh lodged a complaint with SpiceJet authorities. The authorities apologised to her and said she would be accommodated in their Monday flight to Mumbai, the sources added.

Ms. Ghosh alleged that the pilot was “adamant” in not allowing her to fly though some people tried to convince him. “I think such people should get a show-cause. They are not human beings,” she said. Ms. Ghosh was said to be a teacher at Kolkata's Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy. — PTI