Special Correspondent

‘Call to refuse essentials, water, milk to migrants’

‘To thrash Andhra officials working in Adilabad’

HYDERABAD: Panchayat Raj Minister Botcha Satyanarayana condemned the reported call given by some organisations at Adilabad to implement a social boycott of the residents belonging to Andhra region by refusing water, milk and other essentials and houses on rent or evict them if already occupied.

He told reporters here on Wednesday that it was reprehensible that the organisations also issued a call to thrash Andhra officials working at Adilabad. He advised pro-Telangana groups to organise their agitations peacefully without going down to the nasty-level of socially boycotting others. ”, he said.

He said Telangana is still a part of Andhra Pradesh and any person in the State could live anywhere in the State as provided under the Constitution. He demanded the organisations to withdraw the call forthwith.