Smriti Kak Ramachandran

NEW DELHI: P. Chandra Sekharan’s book “The First Human Bomb (The Untold Story of the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination)” was released in the Capital on Tuesday.

The book gives considerable insight into the act of terror that acquainted the country with its first instance of human bomb. Prof. Chandra Sekharan was the principal scientific investigator in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. Based on his investigations, he concluded within 24 hours of the killing that it was a bomb worn as a belt and jacket by a woman that caused the blast.

Chairman of the Law Commission Justice A.R. Lakshmanan said the book made for an interesting read, as it was in a story-telling format. “The book tempts us to complete the reading in one sitting, its easy flow of language like that of an Oxford Don,” he said.

Justice Lakshmanan said the Law Commission should consider Prof. Chandra Sekharan’s views about the veracity of narco analysis tests and other truth detection tests that investigating agencies relied upon. The author had put forth the shortcomings of such tests in his book, citing examples and references.

Role of forensic science

Justice Altamas Kabir of the Supreme Court said the book highlighted the role forensic science played in unravelling crimes. The former Governor of Karnataka and Chairperson of the Indian Institute of Planning and Administration, T.N. Chaturvedi, acknowledged the author’s scientific objectivity and insight for being instrumental in solving the puzzle, despite numerous odds. The book, which has some illustrations by the author’s daughter, dwells on the scientific investigation, primarily forensic science, that helped investigators identify the killers and chalk out the details of how the terror attack was carried out.

Prof. Chandra Sekharan said the book included “almost all the text, photographs and illustrations that formed the report I had prepared for the case. I hope the book will be an additional source of information for investigators and the forensic community.”