Two trains detained and checked after offloading passengers

AHMEDABAD: Chaos prevailed at Surat railway station today when a bomb scare forced the police to detain and search both the Ferozpur-bound and Mumbai-bound Ferozpur Janata Express.

However, no bomb was found on both the trains, railway officials said.

The incident happened at noon when the Surat city police control room received a call made from a mobile alleging there could be a bomb on the train. The caller identified himself as Raju but did not specify whether the train was Mumbai-bound or Ferozpur-bound. As soon as the message was passed on to the Railway police, they detained the Ferozpur-bound train, which arrived at 1:45 p.m. at Surat.

Bomb disposal and dog squads were called in, the passengers from the train were evacuated and the train taken to the yard for checking.

Soon, the Mumbai-bound Ferozpur Janta arrived at Surat at 2:55 p.m, which was also detained, evacuated and checked at the platform.