They object to the reimplementation in Jiribam bordering Assam, claiming they are Manipuris

The Bengali settlers at the Jiribam sub-division bordering Assam have strongly objected to the movement to re-implement the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Manipur. A meeting of these Bengali-speaking settlers was held at Kashimpur on Sunday to adopt a resolution opposing the movement.

The speakers claimed that the Bengalis there were out and out Manipuris pointing out that they were “born and brought up in Manipur.” The Bengalis there welcome the campaign for the reimplementation of the ILP in Manipur as a whole. However, they are not for its imposition in Jiribam since they are “Manipuris.” Many sections said they would not be harassed in any manner pointing out that the ILP campaign was meant for the non-Manipuris only. The meeting was attended by village-level elected members. The speakers said that the ILP should not be at the cost of the “peace and stability” and should never be forced on the people of this sub-division.