A strategy was worked by the State government for effectively putting forth its views before the Supreme Court in Babli case during the final hearing on October 16.

It was finalised at a meeting convened by Major Irrigation Minister P. Sudarshan Reddy with officials of his department and its inter-state wing, here on Friday. The Minister, however, declined to discuss the government’s strategy.

However, sources said, the meeting, which was attended by S. K. Joshi and Adityanath Das, both irrigation principal secretaries, and L. Narayan Reddy, engineer-in-chief, Telangana, held the view that the State’s legal team must seek to haul the Maharashtra government for committing contempt of the court by installing crest gates in contravention of the Apex court’s orders.

Another point, which was discussed was to impress upon the court that Maharashtra had constructed Babli in the waterspread area of the reservoir of Sriramsagar project.