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...refrained from comment on her Twitter account.

Indeed, when Mr. Vadra’s business deals first surfaced in March 2011 in The Economic Times, the BJP’s core group was divided on pursuing the issue on the basis of the report. Ms. Swaraj and Rajnath Singh felt that targeting family members of political rivals was not good politics, and sought “more evidence” before taking it further. On March 16, 2011, Ms. Swaraj told journalists that as the matter was serious, senior leader Arun Jaitley had been entrusted with the task of collecting more information so that the matter could be raised “with the prominence it deserves.” Two attempts subsequently to raise the issue in Parliament were rejected by the chairs of the two Houses; however, the party still chose not to go public on the issue.

The ambivalence in the BJP continues: on Monday, the party found itself in a spot when one of its leaders obliquely hit out at a colleague, while ostensibly targeting Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

The former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Shanta Kumar, wrote to Mr. Kejriwal asking him to seek details of the transaction through which Ms. Vadra acquired prime property in the hill state even though the sale of land is forbidden to outsiders. Mr. Kejriwal’s response was that since Mr. Kumar’s party is in power in the State, securing the details should be the BJP’s task.

The accusation refers to the land Ms. Vadra bought in 2007, reportedly, after the Congress government of the day changed the law to allow her to make the purchase. Curiously, the land was given in two instalments — the second when the BJP’s Prem Kumar Dhumal was Chief Minister. Mr. Kumar’s effort to hurt his party colleague, Mr. Dhumal, on the eve of State elections has embarrassed the BJP.