Bartering national security for votes is dangerous

BJP is against terrorists, not against any religion

SHIMLA: The Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday said the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre was being soft on terrorists and Naxalites to pursue its “vote bank” politics, which was fraught with dangerous consequences.

“Terrorists attacks are on increase, explosives are reaching the country in large quantity, Afzal Guru has not been hanged, and secularism has come to signify appeasement of terrorists,” BJP president Nitin Gadkari said while addressing a ‘Nyaya' rally here.

Expressing serious doubts over whether Ajmal Kasab, who was recently sentenced to death by a Mumbai court, would ever be hanged, Mr. Gadkari alleged that the government was dithering on sending terrorist Afzal Guru to the gallows as it feared a loss of votes.

“Bartering national security for votes is dangerous. How can the government be soft on terrorist outfits like the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Al-Qaeda, who are responsible for terrorist attacks across the country?” he said.

‘Unsafe, insecure'

Alleging that the country had become “unsafe and insecure” due to the spurt in terrorist and Naxalite activities, Mr. Gadkari said though Naxalites were active from Pashupatinath to Tirupati, the government lacked the political will to end the menace.

Saying that terrorists and criminals have no caste or religion, he said the BJP was against terrorists and not against any religion as was being propagated by other parties, unwittingly espousing the cause of the terrorists by giving it a communal colour.


He reiterated that wrong economic policies and bad governance were responsible for price rise, inflation and poverty, and accused the UPA government of discriminating against BJP-ruled States.

“The BJP, with governments in nine States and 165 members in Parliament, is a big party. We will not allow the Centre to discriminate against BJP-ruled States,” Mr. Gadkari said.

Addressing the rally, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal said the UPA government was discriminating against the State. — PTI