“For his disrespect, he will be defeated by a woman in poll”

Ghaziabad: Firing a fresh salvo at Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh for his ‘sexist' remark, the expelled SP leader Amar Singh said he would teach him a lesson by getting him defeated by a woman in the next elections.

“We will teach Mulayam Singh a lesson for showing disrespect to women and that day is not very far when he will be defeated by a woman in the election,” Mr. Amar Singh told a rally at Pilakhuwa town on Friday.

‘Talibani' remarks

The former SP leader on Wednesday demanded action by the National Commission for Women against Mr. Mulayam Singh for his remarks which he described as “Talibani.”

“Mulayam Singh has said youth would whistle at women MPs after the Women's Reservation Bill comes into force. It is a sexist, Talibani and cheap remark, which hurts womanhood. I hope that the NCW will take cognisance of the statement and take appropriate action [against him].”


The Rajya Sabha member also accused Mr. Mulayam Singh of “deceiving” him, to favour his family members.

He said Mr. Mulayam Singh always gave preference to his relatives causing heartburns among other leaders.

“I was ailing seriously when Mulayam Singh raised the issue of my resignation. He was not worried about my ailment, but was more worried about family politics.”

Mr. Amar Singh blamed the SP chief for his vacillating stand on women in politics and recalled that in the Ferozabad Lok Sabha by-election, he said he was against fielding his daughter-in-law, Dimple, but ultimately gave her ticket.

The expelled SP leader said he was yet to decide whether to form his own party or join any other political organisation.

However, he praised Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. The country was quite safe in their hands as the mother-son duo gave a new direction to national growth and development, he said. —PTI