NEW DELHI: The Government has extended by one year the visa for controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin, who has also moved for permanent residency in India.

The extension of visa came a day before its expiry, relieving the 46-year-old writer of tension about her future stay in India, her “adopted” home since leaving Bangladesh in 1994 in the face of death threats from fundamentalist groups against her alleged blasphemous writings.

“I’m grateful to the Indian government that my visa has been extended,” Ms. Nasrin told PTI on Tuesday night, and hoped that the Centre would grant her a permanent residence permit, for which she has moved a fresh application.


“I got the visa extension stamped on my passport today and it has come as a relief after days of tension since my return to India,” the writer said. Ms. Nasrin said she was happy that unlike in the past, this time she has not been told to go abroad again after her visa extension, which is the reason why she has decided to stay put in the country.

“It’s good that I don’t have to roam in the West as a vagabond. After all, I have adopted India as my country and I have nowhere else to go. India is my place of work,” she said.

The writer said the Indian government had always told her that it granted “shelter to anyone seeking shelter,” and hoped she would get permanent residence in the same spirit.

“If India doesn’t grant me permanent residence, where else do I go? Should I be going abroad again and move around like a vagabond?” Ms. Nasrin said. — PTI