Nurses at Kothamangalam hospital were on strike for long

: Three nurses who had threatened to commit suicide following the long-drawn strike at Mar Baselios Hospital, Kothamangalam, were charged with attempt to suicide by the Kothamangalam police on Monday.

About 10 leaders of the nurses’ association, political outfits and about 250-odd identifiable people have been charged with abetting suicide.

The police arrested 14 persons in connection with the violence that took place in the wake of the nurses’ strike. Of these, four were remanded and 10 released on station bail.

Eight cases registered

The police had registered eight different cases in connection with the violent incidents in support of the nurses’ strike.

Other cases charged are under various Sections such as obstructing the police on duty, destroying public property and obstructing the Independence Day rally by the people who had gathered to support the striking nurses at P.O. Junction, Kothamangalam, in front of Mar Baselios Hospital.

The four persons remanded were Abdul Salam, Rajesh, Iqbal and Santhosh. According to the police, all the persons were arrested on the basis of video clippings of the incident.

While some are from the area, some had come from different places, said the police. With Independence Day rallies going on at different places, people from various political parties had arrived there when news spread that three nurses had threatened suicide from the rooftop of the hospital building under construction.