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KOLKATA: The collision alarm went off in the cockpit of a Chennai-bound Jet Airways flight, on its way to Bhubaneswar from Kolkata, on Wednesday evening due to the “high rate of closure [descent],” an official at the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport here told The Hindu on Thursday.

The official said the alarm went off when the pilot was asked to descend to 32,000 feet by the Air traffic control (ATC). A Spice Jet flight from Kolkata to Bangalore was asked to ascend to 33,000 feet at the same time.

“The rate of closure of the Jet Airways flight was pretty high which automatically triggered off the collision alarm. According to the directives of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, pilots are advised to reduce the rate of closure,” he said.

However, the official asserted, the standard separation, which is 1000 feet, was maintained between the two flights and there was no fault in ATC instructions. This was the third incident in a row in the last four days. On February 10, a possible mid-air collision was averted when an Air India flight and an Indian Air Force flight came dangerously close to each other over Assam airspace. A day earlier, another AI flight narrowly missed colliding with the President’s helicopter on the Mumbai airport runway.