Pre-historic habitations with ancient cavern, rock beds, and rock implements were found by a team of Archaeologists in East Godavari district on Sunday.

The team comprising Kadiyala Venkateswara Rao, freelance archaeologist of Tenali and Merapala Narayana Rao, archaeological scientist and INTACH member visited Tetagunta village near Tuni in the district and walked four kilometres up to reach a hilltop on which they found the cavern.

The cavern measuring 150 feet in length, 20 feet in width and 18 feet in height is believed to be one of the biggest ones found in the State. These were used by Neolithic people of 1000 BC to 500 BC.

The team found rock implements like choppers, discoids and sharp stone blades inside the cavern.

Pottery pieces

They also found thin black and red polished pottery pieces in it.

Rock beds

Four ‘human rock beds' were found in one corner of cavern on a rock surface, which were said to be used by Jain monks during their time.

A huge platform measuring one metre in height and 30 centimetres wide was also found adjacent to rock beds.

According to Mr. Venkateswara Rao, Jains used to prepare herbal medicine in pits found near the beds.

After applying medicine they took rest on the rock beds. The cavern also has 15 cm wide and 10 cm deep outlets to allow rainwater flow down. Mr. Venkateswara Rao said that he found pre-historic caves and rock shelters in Srikakulam district near Amudalavalasa mandal near Sangamaiah Konda and also on Pandavulametta.

Mr. Narayana Rao said that the site indicated that Jains used this place as their habitation during Madhyama Kalinga period.