Special Correspondent

CHANDIGARH: Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a city dating back to the Harappan civilisation at Farmana Khas, about 12 km from Meham on the Julana road in Haryana.

Terming the discovery as significant, a spokesman of the Haryana Archaeology and Museums Department said here on Monday that it was the first city of the Harappan civilisation found buried in Haryana. It was evident from the nature of settlements and richness of antiquities found at the site that the city belonged to the Harappan era. So far, towns dating back to this civilisation Banawali, Bhirdana and the village of Kunal have been unearthed in Haryana but this is the first time that the ruins of a city have been discovered.

The spokesperson said the discovery, known as Daksh Khera, was spread over an area of 32 acres and the ruins were under a three-metre hillock. Keeping in view the size of Daksh Khera, it appeared that it would have been a city of the Indus-Saraswati or Harappan civilization. The city would have been located on the banks of the Yamuna, which is believed to have passed through the area in ancient times.