"Where I live is not anybody's business"

Mumbai: Strongly criticising the media hype against her opposition to the proposed flyover on Pedder Road, melody queen Lata Mangeshkar said on Monday the actual issue was being sidelined by speculation on her continuing to live in Mumbai.

"Whether I live in Mumbai or not is nobody's business and it will certainly have nothing to do with whether or not the flyover is built here or not. I am being targeted as though I have committed a crime,'' said Ms. Mangeshkar.

Asked whether she was opposed to the construction of the flyover, she said: "It is not just me, but every single resident of Pedder Road is scared. This is a very narrow road and it is proven that it is a seismological zone. If there is drilling on the road, the foundations of many buildings will be shaken."

Denies writing to Minister

She denied reports that she wrote to PWD Minister Anil Deshmukh on the issue, or that she threatened to quit Mumbai if the flyover was built.

"What I fail to understand is why everyone is associating only me with the issue. It is not about me or Asha only. And why should it concern anyone where I choose to live? I will stay on in Mumbai till I feel like. But there is no reason to ask me about the protest. We have a Pedder Road Residents' Association and they will speak about it," she said. PTI