Lucknow: Former Prime Minister V.P. Singh on Sunday commended Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for successfully "countering" U.S. "pressure" on India to bring the fast breeder reactors (FBRs) under the ambit of inspection by international agencies while clinching the nuclear deal.

"Manmohan Singh did not succumb to the U.S. pressure to bring the FBRs under the inspection regime," Mr. Singh told newsmen here.

He said there was nothing wrong in taking sniffer dogs to Rajghat during George Bush's visit there. It was "usual and done for security reasons."

Singh criticised the U.S. for its "occupation" of Iraq and trying to prevent Iran from building nuclear reactors.

Wheat import

The Kisan Manch convenor denounced the Government's decision to import wheat, terming it "anti-farmer." He demanded a probe into the low buffer stock.

"It's a case of total mismanagement. The imported wheat will arrive in the country at a time when our own wheat crop will be ready and thus the farmers will not get remunerative price for their product," he said. PTI