Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: The three branches of the Apollo Hospitals group in Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad have been rated and accorded accreditation by an international hospital rating organisation, the Joint Commission International (JCI), based in Illinois, Chicago.

The JCI granted accreditation after a process of external peer review to assess the hospitals' performance against established international standards. A team of three professionals attached to the JCI evaluated 1,033 measurable quality standards at the respective sites.

Voluntary accreditation

The team studied the JCI's focus areas like patient care, hospital administration and management, organisational leadership and staff qualifications.

The process of accreditation is voluntary and has to be initiated by the hospital.

Apollo executive chairman Pratap C. Reddy congratulated his staff for making the accreditation possible.

He said the hospital welcomed the Central Government's plan to provide accreditation to all registered hospitals.

As accreditation was an objective evaluation of the hospital's performance, it would increase the society's confidence in the institution, Mr. Reddy said. Constant reviews of the accreditation would ensure that the hospital remained faithful to its standards.

Stringent process

"We sought accreditation with the JCI because we wanted to provide the best possible care for our patients. The JCI audit was an extremely stringent process," Preetha Reddy, managing director, Apollo Hospitals, said.

"Healthcare organisations around the world want to create environments that focus on quality, safety and continuous improvement," Karen Timmons, Chief Executive Officer, JCI, said in a press release.

"Accreditation meets this demand by stimulating continuous and systematic improvements in an organisation's performance and outcome of patient care."