Diplomatic Correspondent

NEW DELHI: India has pledged to make an initial commitment of $ 2 million to the Peace Building Fund, to be set up under the Peace Building Commission (PBC) at the United Nations.

The commission is an inter-governmental advisory body that will help countries in post-conflict peace building, recovery, reconstruction and development.

While the Commission itself was established in December 2005, the process of forming its Organisational Committee was completed in May. India was selected member of the committee under the category of the top five providers of military personnel and civilian police to U.N. peacekeeping operations, an official statement said on Friday.

"India is among the longest serving and largest troop contributors to [the] U.N.'s peacekeeping activities. More than 85,000 Indian troops, military observers and civilian police officers have participated in 42 out of the 60 peacekeeping missions established since the inception of the U.N. One hundred and sixteen Indian soldiers have made the supreme sacrifice while serving in U.N. peacekeeping operations ... " the release said.