"It is a complex canvas, which I am incompetent to handle"

Bangalore: Describing politics as a "complex canvas" with multiple divides, Infosys Chief Mentor N.R. Narayana Murthy said he had no plans to venture into the field once he retired from the firm next month. "I have no desire to enter politics. Because I am not suited for that," Mr. Murthy, who retires from Infosys on August 20 when he turns 60, said in an interview here.

Politics, he said, was a "very complex canvas" with multiple divides urban and rural, rich and poor, and educated and not so educated. "So, I don't think I am competent to handle such a complex canvas."

Mr. Murthy said on the other hand he had "some experience in working with a set of homogenous people, that is well-educated people whose objectives are very much aligned with my objectives ... people who believe in certain values."

Asked if he thought politicians want the status quo to continue, without empowering people, so that they can continue to have a free hand, Mr. Murthy said he could understand why different politicians took divergent stands on the same issue because they were looking at it from their vantage point.

"It is like the elephant and the six blind men kind of stuff. Everybody is right. But, the challenge we have is how to make sure that all these six people come together, describe the points of view, discuss, debate and come out with an integrated view which will help the entire society. So, it is a big challenge," he observed.

``Much smarter than me''

"No, not at all," was Mr. Murthy's reply when asked if his 22-year-old son Rohan, who is doing his Ph.D at Harvard and is now on an internship at Microsoft, had evinced an interest in stepping into his shoes at Infosys. "I think he is much smarter than I am. So, he probably will have some good ideas on what he wants to do, " he said.

Mr. Murthy's 26-year-old daughter Akshata has finished her MBA from Stanford. Asked if he had plans to set up any start-up firms, he said he did not have any such thing in his mind at this point of time. PTI