Special Correspondent

North-Eastern Hill University, Nagaland University are in mainly tribal areas

  • Concern that reservation will lead to influx of OBCs from other areas
  • Parallel expansion in intake from among tribals suggested
  • They already have difficulty filling up positions meant for SCs

    NEW DELHI: The Oversight Committee has received representations from the North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) and Nagaland University seeking exemption from the Government's move to reserve 27 per cent seats for Other Backward Classes in Central educational institutions.

    In the case of Nagaland University, the sub-committee for Central universities under the Oversight Committee entrusted with the task of preparing a road map for implementing OBC reservation has noted that an exemption be considered in its case in view of the political sensitivities attached to the issue.

    In its interim report, the Central universities group noted: "Nagaland being mainly a tribal state does not welcome an influx of OBCs from outside into its university. This is a politically sensitive issue. Considering this situation and in view of the protests already lodged, the question of including locally non-existent OBCs in Nagaland University does not arise."