Staff Correspondent

BHOPAL: Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Pandhana in Khandwa district, Kishori Lal Verma, and his wife, Bina Verma, were stabbed to death at Mor Takka Ghat on the Narmada about 75 km from Khandwa on Saturday.

Mr. Verma had left Khandwa early on Saturday morning and was at the ghat, about 13 km from Omkareshwar, when he was stabbed and killed. His wife, Bina, who rushed to save her husband, was also stabbed to death.

Mr. Verma's driver and some others overpowered the assailant and handed him over to the police. He is a petty contractor from Ahmedpur village near Khandwa.

Preliminary investigations indicated that the assailant had been close to Mr. Verma but in the recent past had fallen out with him over payments linked to some contract work.