Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: The Government is considering a proposal to merge various compensation slabs for death of defence personnel in different circumstances.

At present, compensation differs for casualties during war and those who die in border skirmishes and counter-insurgency operations. The Government has so far held the view that the level of risk in each case is different and, therefore, deserves different compensation packages.

However, the practice has come under attack from within the services itself and the Government has been requested to provide a uniform ex-gratia of Rs.10 lakh in case of death in war-like engagements as well as counter insurgency operations.

At present, Rs.5 lakh ex-gratia compensation and special family pension (double the ordinary family pension) is paid for death in accidents while on duty or attributable to violence by terrorists. A sum of Rs.7.5 lakh and liberalised family pension (equal to the last pay drawn) is paid for death during border skirmishes.

The highest compensation of Rs.10 lakh is for death during enemy action.