Special Correspondent

Information should as far as possible be in the local language

  • Vehicles required to display words ``On PDS Ration Duty''
  • States and UTs asked to follow instructions to streamline PDS

    NEW DELHI: The Centre has made it mandatory for vehicles carrying food articles for public distribution to display details on the windshield and the rear screen.

    The vehicles, transporting foodgrains from centralised godowns to the fair price shops in States and Union Territories, are required to display words like "On PDS Ration Duty" followed by the destination, the commodity being carried and the agent's name on a banner of about 3x 2" size written or printed in black ink.

    This information should as far as possible be displayed in the local language. In a letter to the Secretaries of Department of Food and Civil Supplies of all States and Union Territories, T. Nanda Kumar, Secretary, Department of Food and Public Distribution, urged them to follow the instructions to streamline PDS operations.

    The vehicles that do not display the information will be returned without load by the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and the Central Warehousing Corporation from December 1, 2006.

    There have been several instances where trucks loaded with foodgrains in FCI godowns by State agencies have been diverted to the open market. The Centre accords the highest priority for measures aimed at minimising diversion and leakage of foodgrains so that they reach the beneficiaries.