Raktima Bose

In an attempt to woo voters, the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate from West Bengal’s Uluberia constituency, Rahul Chakroborty, plans to organise mythological plays for the electorate.

An engineer, Mr. Chakroborty believes that folk theatre is an integral part of rural Bengali culture and therefore, a potential campaign medium.

He, however, clarifies that the content of the plays will be “purely mythological and not political” and that every person, irrespective of political leaning, is welcome to view the performances.

“I am personally against wall graffiti as well as political mud slinging in public. Folk theatre is a noble way of campaigning where I will request the assembled audience to vote for me,” Mr. Chakroborty says.

Asked whether the mythological plays were meant to evoke Hindutva sentiment, he says: “Our party wants to resurrect lost Hindu culture and customs that were shamelessly trampled upon by the unholy nexus of the so-called secular parties. It is an initiative on my part to do something for the party.”