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They had cumulatively stolen over 68 kW of electricity

NEW DELHI: A special court at Patparganj in East Delhi dealing with electricity-related cases has remanded owners of three illegal factories to judicial custody for stealing electricity.

While Meharban and Mohammad Sadique were remanded for 14 days each, Vipin Kumar was remanded after his bail application was rejected by the special court.

According to a spokesperson of power distribution company BSES, the three were caught cumulatively stealing over 68 kW of electricity.

They were arrested and produced before the special court following their failure to deposit their respective penalty amounts totalling Rs.21.35 lakh.

“Vipin Kumar was caught stealing 26 kW of electricity and penalised Rs.7.86 lakh for stealing electricity to run a factory manufacturing brass tapes. A BSES enforcement raid carried out at the factory premises [Dilshad Garden Industrial Area, Shahdara] in March 2008 had found the factory running on stolen electricity.

Meter burnt

“Though the factory had a sanctioned load of 40 kW, it was found to be illegally drawing around 26 kW of electricity from a nearby BSES mains. The on-site meter was found burnt. Subsequent investigations revealed that the meter has been deliberately burnt to hide records of past consumption and its evidence,” the spokesperson said.

He said Mohammed Sadique was running a mid-sized plastic moulding factory in a jhuggi and was caught stealing 22 kW of electricity — 8.2 kW of industrial and 13.29 kW for domestic purposes.

A fine of Rs.4.34 lakh was imposed on him.

“When the BSES enforcement team raided his premises in Seelampur in July 2008 it found large-scale [direct] power theft taking place. Of this, 8.2 kW was being used to run a mid-sized plastic moulding factory on the second floor and 13.29 kW for domestic purposes on the ground and the first floors. No meter was found at any of the premises,” the spokesperson stated.

Meharban was caught stealing around 25 kW of electricity — 21.36 for industrial purposes and 3.5 kW for domestic — and penalised Rs.9.15 lakh.

“The enforcement raid in August 2006 found large-scale power theft of around 25 kW taking place at Brijpuri in Karawal Nagar. In this case too, the stolen power was being used for both industrial and domestic purposes. While 21.36 kW was being used for industrial purposes [running a factory], around 3.5 kW was being used for domestic purposes.

“Though the premises had two electricity meters, they were both found disconnected. The power was being stolen by tapping into the nearby BSES mains,” the spokesperson said.