J. Venkatesan

New Delhi: Attorney-General Milon K. Banerjee, Solicitor-General G.E. Vahanvati and Additional Solicitors-General Gopal Subramaniam and Mohan Parasaran, appointed in 2004, are among the law officers who have tendered their resignations following the assumption of office by a new government at the Centre.

During the last five years, except in a few cases in which Mr. Banerjee appeared, it was Mr. Vahanvati who came to the rescue of the government in handling many important cases in the Supreme Court and High Courts. Mr. Subramaniam represented the AG in several important cases and as ASG appeared in sensitive and high profile cases. Discussions are on to find a successor for the post of AG. Four names under consideration are senior advocate and former Attorney-General K. Parasaran, senior advocate and constitutional expert P.P. Rao, Mr. Vahanvati and Mr. Gopal Subramaniam.

Mr. Parasaran seems to be the top contender. The Solicitor-General and other team of law officers will be decided once the AG’s name is finalised.