Social media sites have to operate within the framework of the law, said Sachin Pilot, Union Minister of State for Telecommunications and Information Technology, here on Monday.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of an event organised by the Indian Semiconductor Association, Mr. Pilot said, “After all, these entities do the same when they work in other nations.”

Refraining from commenting on the proceedings against Google and other websites in a Delhi court, Mr. Pilot said, “We have had discussions with these companies even when the law was being made, and there is no question of censor- ship.”

Mr. Pilot said that when content is perceived by some to be “objectionable,” there must be a “redressal system” that makes these companies “accountable” for what is posted on their sites.

“There must be responsible behaviour at both ends,” he said.

Mr. Pilot said that the recent Supreme Court ruling on the 2G spectrum issue has not “affected investor confidence.”

He said that the Government will “very soon” be finalising the new telecom policy, a new policy for electronics manufacturing, a new IT policy and is “working on a new postal policy.

He said that the IT industry is likely to grow at 15 per cent in the current year, down from 30 per cent per annum in the last decade.

“The IT sector remains a sunshine sector and does provide job opportunities to lakhs of people,” he added.