Plays a guitar, sings two lines of a song in a video on Facebook

Farooq Abdullah is apparently aspiring to be a musician now. Though not as good as he is at striking political notes, the doctor-turned-politician of Jammu and Kashmir is learning to hold frets and pluck the strings of the guitar.

In a 1.13-minute video on Facebook, the former Chief Minister of the State is seen playing a guitar and singing two lines of a Hindi song.

The father of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is pictured sitting in the lawns of what seems to be his private residence in posh Bhatindi in Jammu. Wearing a blue-striped white shirt and black pants, the veteran politician is getting the basics down and is being instructed by a tutor, not shown in the film.

But he is finding it a bit difficult. Not able to understand which string and fret combinations correspond with which note, Dr. Abdullah drops the guitar. But, the determined politician that he is, he restarts again and this time plays better and sings the song in a bit of a husky voice. Dr. Abdullah acknowledges his weakness, and promises to gift his tutor his Spanish guitar next time he visits him.

Dr. Abdullah, the National Conference chief, is the party’s nominee from Srinagar constituency, which goes to the polls on May 7.