Away from the spotlight, the parents of over a dozen slum children who acted in the Oscar winning film “Slumdog Millionaire” cast their votes here Thursday. But the mother and father of media darling Azharuddin Ismail Shaikh found their names missing from the rolls yet again.

“I have been knocking all doors but to no avail. This is the third Lok Sabha election when we could not vote. We have all the necessary documents, including voter registration card,” lamented Azhar’s father Ismail Shaikh. They live in the Garib Nagar slums. “The parents of almost half the 20-odd kids who played bit roles in the film could not vote as their names were missing from the lists,” Sheikh said.

Rafiq Qureshi, the father of the other “Slumdog Millionaire” child celebrity Rubina Ali, managed to vote along with his wife Meena.

Ganesh Lonkar and Sharmila, parents of Sanvi, another co-star of Azhar, voted in Malad. The daughter is abroad. “This time we decided to reward her with a school trip to Switzerland. She will be back next week,” Ganesh Lonkar said.