Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: A group of concerned citizens on Monday expressed their dismay over the events of the past few days in Nandigram in West Bengal and demanded that the CPI(M) leadership should immediately put a stop to the undemocratic actions of their cadres.

In a statement here, they demanded that the West Bengal government should facilitate the visit of a fact-finding team consisting of concerned citizens to the area.

“The manner in which the anti-socials of the dominant party in the ruling front attacked the residents to re-establish domination over the area exposes the party’s commitment to democratic values, principles and norms. Such actions, with the indulgence of the State administration, can only strengthen anti-democratic forces. For four days, the media have not been allowed to enter Nandigram, indicating that there is much to hide,” they said.

Describing it as “unfortunate”, they claimed that a senior CPI(M) Polit Bureau member had advocated the application of the so-called “Dum Dum dawai.” They said the slogan was coined as a part of the democratic resistance during the food movement in the State in 1966, whereas it was now sought to be applied against the people themselves.

They warned if such activities continued, it would be tantamount to the State government abdicating its constitutional responsibility.

The signatories to the statement included Sumit Chakravarty, Prashant Bhushan, Arvind Kerjriwal, Amit Bhaduri, Achin Vanaik, Praful Bidwai, Arun Kumar and Satish Jain.