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Warns against “continuing insult to Ram”

Sixth alignment not approved by Vajpayee government

“Statements will have a deleterious effect on national unity and integrity”

BHOPAL: The BJP’s national executive committee meeting here on Saturday adopted a two-page resolution on the Ramar Sethu. It said that a government displaying “complete ignorance” of great heroic characters such as Rama and great saints like Valmiki, who had shaped the ethos of the nation from times immemorial, did not deserve to stay in office.

The issue would be taken up by the Ram Sethu Raksha Samiti and the BJP would do whatever it was asked to do by the samiti, BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi said, releasing the party resolution on Ramar Sethu.

In a clear reference to the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, the BJP warned that if the UPA constituents continued to “insult Ram” then the inescapable conclusion would be that the Congress-led UPA government also approved of such statements. Such statements would have a deleterious effect on the national unity and integrity for which the Congress alone would be responsible.

Mr. Joshi said that to the best of his knowledge, the sixth alignment for the Ram Sethu, finalised by the UPA government was not approved by the Vajpayee government. The BJP favoured a land-based project than through the sea, so that the “Sethu,” respected by Hindus, Muslims and Christians alike, especially fishermen, was not destroyed.

“Ready for elections”

While he denied any move by the BJP or any of its leaders to make Ram Sethu the subject of another BJP yatra or election plank, he said: “We are ready for elections. We are always ready to take up the ‘Sethu’ issue whether there are elections or not.”

The resolution said the UPA bungled on the issue. It ignored the advice of former judges, scientists and environmentalists, and submitted a blasphemous affidavit to the Supreme Court (since withdrawn) and it must apologise to the nation and fix responsibility for the sacrilege.

Ram temple issue

Mr. Joshi said the BJP had not lost credibility on the Ram temple issue as it had never said it would build a temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya.

“We never said we would build it [the temple]. That was to be done by the ‘Nyas’ set up for this purpose,” he said.

Mr. Joshi maintained this stance although the party adopted a resolution in Palampur in 1989 committing itself to a Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya.

The party slogan Ram Lalla hum aayenge, Mandir wahin banayenge (Ram, we will come and build a grand temple at that very spot) was highlighted throughout the country in its campaigns since 1989.