Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: India should fulfil its commitments to comply with the nuclear deal with the United States and work out specific IAEA safeguards and rule waivers with the Nuclear Suppliers Group, Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy said on Thursday.

“While I oppose the deal as there is no provision to recognise India as a nuclear weapons power, once the agreement has been signed, the Central government should either comply with its commitment or resign and get out. It is wholly immoral to waffle now and keep begging for time,” he said in a statement.

In future, no Indian government should sign piecemeal agreements with the U.S. without first deciding whether or not we want to align with them on multi-dimension commitments such as fighting terrorism, economic partnerships and harmonising U.S.’ global interests with India’s international goals. These commitments should be made only if the U.S. promotes India’s interests in becoming the sixth permanent member of the UNSC, he added.